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The Secret To Never Getting Old

Have you ever met a person in person and they didn’t look anything like their photo. It happens every day because people don’t update their photos regularly.

Do You Look Like Your Photo?

I went to an event that had a big name speaker as the headliner. Before the event I looked at the speakers social media feed and the photos they were using. I do this all the time. They had one main photo that was okay, I could tell it wasn’t a professional photo but it was decent. They used the same photo everywhere as most people do. When the speaker walked into the room I didn’t even recognize them. They didn’t look anything like their photo. The photo I saw online must have been 30 years old.

One Photo Is Not Branding

People have a false belief that using that same photo for years is branding. It’s not branding, it’s fear. People are affraid to get new photos because they think that they will never get another good photo of themselves. People don’t like themselves, trust me I hear it every day.

“I don’t take good photos”

Everytime I photograph someone they say this.

People get one photo they like and they use it everywhere and never change it. I have clients that I photographed over a decade ago and they are still using the same photo. I know because I see their photo on social media every day.

The Secret To Never Getting Old

The secret to never getting old is to keep updating your photos on a regular basis. People don’t see little changes in age if you keep posting new photos. If you only change your photo every decade then it’s pretty obvious you are getting older.

If you want to get attention on social media you need to post new photos and videos on a regular basis.

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