Sales Team Call Recordings

You are invited to join the Ace Photo & Video Sales Team meeting Monday – Friday 5pm pacific. To join by phone dial: +1.512.402.2718 Code: 766515540# To join by computer visit: You can download the jitsi app for your phone as well.

3.20.20 Call – During this first team call I share my story and what my vision is for the company and sales team.

3.21.20 Call – During this call I talk about sales and feeding your mind with good information. I highly recommend thinking with a 10x Mindset and recommend listening to anything by Grant Cardone for sales training. I will be using his material to train the sales team. You can listen to him for FREE on youtube or you can purchase his products here. I have almost all of his products.

3.23.20 Call – During this call I talked about finding leads and thinking outside the box. I also shared some tips on Sales Fundamentals and about cold prospecting from Grant Cardone.

3.24.20 Call – We had a great call, unfortunately I forgot to hit the record button 🙁 Here’s the Grant Cardone video we will discuss on tomorrows call to share what we learned. I put together a lead template spreadsheet so you can start building your list.

04-14-20 Call – On this call I talked about lead generation and shared a video where Grant is talking with his sales team and awarding them with bonus checks.

04-15-20 Call – On this call I talked about how to follow up with clients and how to book a session with our website. I also recommended this video on follow up by Grant Cardone.