On Location Business Headshot Photography

We bring the portable photography studio to your office, home or hotel. You get to see the photos instantly on the iPad and choose your favorite photos. Then we retouch your selected photos and get them ready for publishing. It’s a fun interactive experience and everyone has a blast.


Las Vegas Headshot Photography


Las Vegas Headshot photography in video production services

Get a new professional head shot photo for your marketing. Call us today to schedule your session at (702) 706-PICS (7427) ‪#‎corporate‬ ‪#‎business‬ ‪#‎headshot‬ ‪#‎vegas‬ ‪#‎professionals‬ ‪#‎Realtors‬ ‪#‎executives‬ ‪#‎lawyers‬

Does having a good photo matter?

I saw a news program one day where they did a study that showed that candidates with the best photos usually won the campaigns.

I was reading the paper one day and I saw that one of my lawyer clients was actually running for judge and I said to myself she will win!

Sure enough, she did! I did Denise Gentile’s Lawyer headshot a few years ago and recently I also did her new Judicial Portrait!

What do you think? Does having a good photo really matter?



Las Vegas Convention Photography Services

las vegas convention photography

las vegas convention photography

If your company is planning a to attend a convention in Las Vegas you may want to consider our Las Vegas Convention Photography Services.

We specialize in working with convention vendors and attendees to create corporate business headshots for the whole team. We have a mobile studio that we can setup anywhere and create professional studio quality headshots right in your room or booth at the hotel. Your team will be able to see their pictures immediately on the iPad and will be able to choose their favorite picture right there on the spot. After the event we will use photoshop to do some basic retouching on all the chosen pictures and make them look polished and professional.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your team photographed during your next Las Vegas Convention. What Happens in Vegas doesn’t need to Stay in Vegas!

How’s your LinkedIn Profile Photo looking?


Linkedin Profile Photo

Having a great LinkedIn photo is critical if you want people to take you as a serious business person. Don’t even attempt to do it with your phone or web cam. I’ve seen way to many bad photos on LinkedIn and on business cards. Here’s what a great LinkedIn profile photo looks like. Pam hired us to create a new photo for her after she was unsuccessful trying it herself with her phone. We also brought along our favorite Makeup Aritst MeiLi Makeup and she make her photo ready.

Here’s a testimonial Pam left for me on LinkedIn

Wayne comes highly recommended… he is an exceptional photographer… extremely creative and skilled…it was a pleasure working with him and his excellent assistant.


Headshot Photo For Hospital Medical Residency Application

Are you a doctor applying for your Medical Residency? We’ve photographed many doctors that need professional photos for their business and medical residency applications.

Headshot Photo For Hospital Medical Residency Application

Headshot Photo For Hospital Medical Residency Application

Here’s a testimonial below from one of our recent clients.

“I needed a professional head shot from my hospital medical residency application. Previously Ace Photo & Video had done the most amazing job for my sister for her own hospital residency application so I did the same. I was able to book an appointment with them immediately for the earliest time for me. During the photo shoot, he was very professional and focused on every details to make the lighting and the composition to be as perfect as possible. And me being non-photogenic, he was able to get me to smile each time and to remain relaxed during this whole important process for my important doctor career. For any one needing a head shot for anything medical career related, I would only go to Ace Photo & Video. And I would recommend Ace Photo & Video to all medical students applying for residency to book him without a hesitation. Thank you for the amazing work!! :)” — Dr. Vincent P. Henderson, NV

Las Vegas Business Headshot Photographer

Are you looking for a Las Vegas Business Headshot Photographer?

Look no further! We are the Las Vegas Business Headshot Photographer that specializes in creating great business headshots for business people.

Samples Business Headshots

Corporate Headshot On Dark Background (* Our most popular look *)

This is a corporate headshot on a dark background which is great for business professionals. We do these headshots for real-estate agents, insurance brokers, and financial professionals every day.

Corporate Headshot On Dark Background

Corporate Headshot On Dark Background

Business Headshot On Light Background

We can also do your business headshot on a light white or grey background.

Business Headshot On Light Background

Business Headshot On Light Background

Environmental Executive Portrait

If you want that professional executive look we can use your business environment as a backdrop for your business portrait or headshot.

Environmental Executive Portrait

Environmental Executive Portrait