Do You Want Better Group Photos?

group composite photo of doctors

Your group photos are making you and your company look bad and costing you money. I know you’ve been asked to take a group photo when you are out. Someone hands you a cell phone and asked you to take their photo. We I got to a clients office to do professional photos and they ask me to do a group photo I cringe because I know what taking one photo of all of them is going to look like, it’s going to look awful. As a professional photographer I want to do it write but that takes more time and effort. In this video I want to educate you on how what it takes to create a great group photo for yoru staff. If you want a group photo that will actually make you money watch the video below. This type of group photo will actually save you money too. When your staff changed we can photograph the new people and add them to the existing group and remove the staff that is no longer with the company.

How To Create Better Group Photos

We Love Local Las Vegas Small Business

We want to help promote your local Las Vegas small business. After this COVID-19 lockdown we all need to support the local small business. The big box stores and and franchises don’t need help they didn’t even shut down. If your business is anything like mine the phones have been silent for over a month. I’ve not gotten any financial support from the government at this point and don’t plan on it. I’m focusing on what I can control which is my business and helping you promote your business. We currently have two new ways to help promote your buisness.

Website Link Exchange

We want to put a link to yout business on our website homepage in exchange for a link on your website home page. This used to be a popular way to promote websites in the old days, it was called a WebRing. Visit our home page and see where your company would be listed. If you would like to participate in the #WeLoveLocalLasVegasSmallBusiness Web Ring get in touch with us.

Our New Local Las Vegas Vlog & Podcast

We want to interview you for our new Las Vegas Vlog and Podcast. We want to help you get the word out about your Las Vegas Small Business and let the local community know about you so you can get some business in the door. We understand how hard it is to get exposure as a small business especially now with COVID-19 grabbing all the attention. If you would like to get some FREE exposure get in touch with us.